Replace babies
in your social feeds with things
you'd rather see, like cats.

From the creators of, comes the most robust system ever created for getting rid of the stuff you hate on Twitter and Facebook.

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Rather App

How it works, broadly speaking

Step 1

1. Install

Then start adding lists of things you don't want to see, like baseball.

2. Browse

Any time a keyword is matched, rather goes to work. Ahem, "Sox."

Step 2
Step 3

3. Rejoice

Now the sports in your feed will become cats. Or the cats in your feed will become sports. You get the idea.

Features (why Rather kicks ass)

Trending Lists

Just start typing

And we'll search that word in our database of lists. Type the letter B, and we'll show you everything from Breaking Bad to the Broncos, so you don't have to do much work. Or just add the name of that annoying coworker you can't unfollow and leave it at that.

Popular contempt

Just pop rather open and see what the other 200,000+ users are blocking in real time. There's also a section for Upcoming events, like Movember, Christmas, and all that. Along with Services, where you can get rid of Instagram, Vine, Nike+, Buzzfeed, Upworthy and other platforms with the click of a button. In the Feeds section you'll see popular replacement content. Get ready for cats, Kate Upton, and Ryan Gosling.

Global Sync
Customized Lists

Dynamic list management

Sure, babies are annoying on Facebook, but not so much on Twitter. Rather lets you enable certain lists just on Facebook or just on Twitter. Or both. We think that's pretty damned special.

Replacement content

Rather lets you have multiple sources of replacement content. So if you get bored with cats, you can see cats and bacon and Kate Upton and Ryan Gosling––whatever floats your boat. You can also plug in any RSS feed and we'll show you that, too.

Global Sync
Customized Lists

Replace or Mute

Admittedly, even replacing content can get a bit cumbersome. So we let you quickly opt between replacing stuff or just muting it all. You can also quickly turn rather on and off for either Facebook and Twitter.

"Thank God."


"They fixed the internet."

The New York Times

"This is the greatest invention since the wheel."

Some guy on Twitter

"Yes, please."





Baratunde Thurston

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