Rhododendron Varieties: Planting and Disease Control

Evergreen rhododendrons are among the most popular flowering shrubs. They add bursts of color as specimen plants in any garden. Rhododendron blooms, which are larger than azalea blooms, usually open in May, and our plants bloom the first year.

Rhododendron has been adored by many gardeners for generations because of its spectacular flowers. Even though it is a short-lived one, along with its close relative, Azalea, become the favorite plants that have a four-season interest. However, this variety will not be appealing except when it is in bloom. Well, if you love this plant, … Read more

Identifying Kochia and Ways to Control It

Kochia is an effective competitor for light, nutrients, and soil moisture, and can reduce crop yield.

Kochia, pronounced as koh-kee-ah, is a plant native to Asia, brought and introduced to Europe, and becomes ornamental in the US. People may know it for other names, like mock cypress or Mexican fire brush, but sometimes ‘burning bush’ is more proper due to the reddish appearance during autumn. Grouped in the family of Chenopodiaceae … Read more