10 Best Types of Milkweed to Bring Back the Monarchs

The discussion about types of milkweed lately has attracted the attention of many people, especially gardeners. Although initially considered a pest, this shrub is getting popular thanks to the monarch butterfly. How could that be? As background knowledge, the monarch butterfly population has declined sharply in California and Mexico. Various reports suggest that the cause … Read more

20 Gladiolus Arrangement Ideas to Spice up Every Moment

Gladiolus arrangement ideas are creations that never die. This flower of August has various types and colors that will enliven any moment. For centuries, floral arrangements with gladiolus have been a part of people’s lives. This native South African region has also been well-known in the whole world. Getting to Know Gladiolus: The Flower of … Read more

Goldfish Plant Care Guide: How to Cultivate without Fuss

Goldfish plant care has always been an interesting discussion among gardeners. Aside from its beauty, this ornamental grower is also fussy about environmental conditions. However, the complex treatment may be worth the visible results. When blooming, the orange flower uniquely looks like a jumping goldfish. It will perfectly decorate your space! Therefore, if you plan … Read more