Sugar Baby Watermelon How to Grow and Maintain

Undoubtedly, watermelons are a must-have snack during the summertime. You should consider Sugar Baby varieties since they are very sweet, tasty, and compact. Here, you will discover a guide on Sugar Baby watermelon how to grow and care for it. Sugar Baby ripens in approximately 75 days. This tiny-fruited icebox type produces round fruits. Moreover, … Read more

The Simple Steps for Pruning Fig Trees

Pruning fig trees are such important maintenance for the plant. Some damaged and diseased limbs need to be eliminated. It is the basic method gardeners apply to other plantings. For fig trees, there are some specific steps you need to follow during the first years of growth. This article provides much useful information about fig … Read more

Everything You Should Know About Sugar Baby Watermelon

Most people start this melon via seed indoors at least six to eight weeks before outdoor planting time. These melons need rich, well-draining soil, amended with compost and composted manure.

Nothing is better than enjoying luscious watermelon on summer days. If you are a melon person, consider growing it yourself. Fortunately, many icebox watermelons require less space. Moreover, a Sugar Baby watermelon is one of the best icebox types. The Sugar Baby watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is an excellent heirloom icebox watermelon variety. Additionally, it first … Read more