Getting to Know Cedar: Types of Trees, Cedar Wood, and Its Benefits

Cedar trees are popular because they are both beautiful and unique. The purpose of this post is to discuss cedar and its various qualities. This post will discuss several varieties of cedar trees as well as how we use cedar wood in our daily lives.

The scent of cedar tree perfume is pleasant, and it is utilized in fragrances and oils. Cedar wood does not rot or attract bugs. As a result, it is widely employed in goods like as outdoor furniture and building materials.


Cedar as a Tree

Cedar tree
Cedar tree

Introduction to Cedar Tree

Cedar trees belong to the coniferous tree family. They are made up of trees from the Thuja and Juniperus genera. Tall, straight trunks, numerous branches, and leaf-like scales define these trees.

Cedar trees prefer cool, damp conditions. Some cedar trees are found mostly in North America. There, for example, is a lot of Western Red Cedar. In contrast, the Eastern Red Cedar is commonly found in the eastern United States.

Types of Cedar Trees

  • Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata)

Western Red Cedar, sometimes known as red cedar, is a common type of cedar tree. This plant can grow to be 60 to 70 feet (18 to 21 meters) tall. This species is prevalent on the West Coast woodlands of North America.

Many individuals like red cedar wood because it retains its luster for an extended period of time. This cloth is extremely long-lasting and insect-resistant. As a result, it’s commonly utilized for roofing, fencing, and walls. Because of its pleasant perfume, red cedar is commonly used in the manufacture of chests and closet fresheners.

  • Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana)

The Eastern Red Cedar, often known as eastern juniper, is distinct from the Western Red Cedar. It is not particularly tall, standing at around 40 feet (12 meters). Despite being termed a “cedar,” the Eastern Red Cedar is not a type of cedar. It is actually a type of juniper.

Eastern Red Cedar wood is light and insect and fungal resistant. It’s frequently used in the manufacture of furniture, window frames, and storage boxes. In addition, cedar wood oil is used in traditional medicine to help with breathing problems and to keep bugs at away.

Cedar as Wood

Cedar wood
Cedar wood

Characteristics of Cedar Wood

Cedar wood has a distinct appearance, and many people desire it for a variety of reasons. This wood is extremely smooth and resistant to temperature and moisture changes. That is, it can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Because of the oils present naturally in cedar wood, the smell is distinct and comforting. People enjoy the smell of cedar wood. It can be found in candles, soap, and other calming goods.

Uses of Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is widely used in building because it is resistant to weather and repels pests. It is frequently used for roofs, walls, and fences in traditional and nature-inspired structures.

Furthermore, people frequently use cedar wood to make furniture since it looks and smells wonderful. Cedar cabinets, tables, seats, and beds add a quaint and vintage feel to a room.

Benefits of Cedar in Everyday Life

Cedar benefit
Cedar benefit

Traditional Uses

Many distinct groups of people once considered cedar trees were significant and remarkable. Many cultures used cedar trees in religious and ceremonial settings. Cedar trees were thought to symbolize infinity and inner strength.

The Egyptians believed that cedar trees linked the mortal and divine realms. They erected cedar wood temples and graves. They thought that cedar wood would shield and guide the souls of the dead.

Cedar trees were cherished and worshiped in ancient Mesopotamia. They were affiliated with the gods. They utilized cedar in religious ceremonies to solicit assistance from the gods.

Modern Benefits

Cedar wood is becoming more popular in aromatherapy due to its natural fragrance, which promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Because of its natural antibacterial characteristics, cedar wood is employed in environmentally friendly cleaning products and room fresheners.


People adore cedar trees and the wood they produce. There are many various types of cedar trees, each with its own unique characteristics.

Cedar wood is quite beneficial in the construction of houses and furnishings due to its numerous benefits. Cedar offers health benefits and a pleasant aroma, so learning more about it is worthwhile.

We must care for and safeguard cedar trees because they are beneficial to the environment and can help keep us healthy in the future.

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