All About Arum Lily, Planting, Growing, Caring

Planting and growing Arum Lily is not going to be difficult. You can learn how to grow it in this article. This spectacular and beautiful flower is ideal to decorate your balconies, terraces, and of course gardens.

Furthermore, another name for Arum Lily is Calla Lily.

This flower is a perennial type from the family of Araceae. It usually blooms during the summer season until the early fall.

It is such a unique plant that you will enjoy watching.


Getting to Know Arum Lily

This bulb perennial is native to South Africa, not from Ethiopia as its scientific name shows.
Arum Lily

Arum Lily or Calla Lily is considered an easy plant to grow. The one important thing you have to know is the fact that this flower is extremely toxic.

Set the plant away from children’s reach. There is no way you cannot eat this flower anytime and anywhere.

After caring and pruning, you should wash your hands afterward. That is because this bulb can be very irritating.

The Latin name of this plant is Zantedeschia aethiopica which is coming from the Araceae family. Besides, the name of the type is bulbous perennial.

Calla Lily is not part of Arum lily types. The only difference is in the size.

The Calla Lily is much shorter and smaller than the arum lily. However, Calla lily can grow in more kinds of colors compared to the others.

The Propagation

The simplest and quickest solution for growing arum lily is to multiply it by division of rhizomes or plant bulbs. You can also grow it from seeds: Sow seeds on the surface of a hot and humid soil in spring or summer. Keep them in a bright location. Germination takes place between 1 and 3 months.
Propagating Arum Lily

If you aim for the simplest and quickest way to grow this beautiful bulb, just multiply the plant by the division of plant bulbs or rhizomes.

Another method to plant this flower is by growing it from seeds. This traditional way of planting is always effective.

To begin, sow the seeds on the surface of the soil in spring or summer. It must be hot and humid. Make sure the spot is in a bright location.

The process of germination will take one to three months. Meanwhile, the temperature to support it is around 15 Celsius or 60 Fahrenheit.

The USDA Zones to grow arum lily will be in 8 to 10 zones. When it hits the stability around 60 Fahrenheit. You may want to grow it in other parts of the world.

Growing in the Garden

The arum lily will easy grow from seed and are best started in the spring, but before sowing they should be soaked in warm water (approximately 20-25 degrees Celsius) overnight.
Growing Arum Lily

If you are planning on growing the Arum Lily in the garden, prepare humus-rich soil. It has to be 15 cm deep with a 30 to 40 spacing between the plant.

Generously water the plant during the growing season. Make sure there is no dry spot left on the soil between two spells of watering.

In the Pot or Container

For cooler climate, growing arum lily in pot is best. This way you can move it inside in winter. In a small garden, balcony or terrace, pot grown arum lily looks beautiful. Choose loam based potting mix for optimum growth.
Grow Arum Lily in Pots

Is it possible to grow Arum Lily in a pot? Of course, yes. The best time to grow the flower in a container is during the winter season.

However, you can grow it anytime you want with some adjustments. Put the potted arum lily in a small garden, terrace, or balcony.

Anywhere you put these beautiful flowers, it would be spectacular. To reach optimum growth for the plant, you should choose a loam-based potting mix.

To care for this bulb in a pot, you should cut them to the shortest when the leaves become totally yellow.

Remove Arum lily bulbs from the container. Then, clean the dirt off gently. For the winter, choose a cool spot where it is not freezing.

The site to keep the plant during the winter must be very dry and dark. Search for a used shoebox, make ventilation and keep the plant inside it.

After the winter in March, bring the flower out and transfer it into a new soil mix. Lastly, water it again. When the soil dries out the bulb will pop the flowers again.

The Requirements for Arum Lily

Plant arum in spring, in a humus rich soil, 15 cm deep with a spacing of 30-40 cm between each plant. Water generously during the growing season without leaving the soil dry between two watering spells.
Arum Lily Planting Requirements

If you want to grow the flower properly and optimally, consider these requirements:


Choose the right location to grow Arum lily. The plant loves the site that is not hot but sunny. For a place with a warm climate, partial shade should be applied. Prevent the plant from getting cold drafts and windy exposure because Arum Lily is quite sensitive.

For growing on a terrace or balcony, the spot should be less windy. You can plant the flower near a stream or pond.

Indeed, you can grow it right into the water. That is why it is considered a semi-aquatic plant.


This is the essential part of growing these bulb flowers. It prefers moist soil that is quite deep. It has to be rich in organic materials.


What about the watering? This plant is friendly with ponds. You can grow it at the edge of the stream or pond just outside the house.

That site will provide a lot of water to the soil and plant. For watering, it needs it regularly and thoroughly. If you plant it in dry ground, it won’t be flourishing.

Some other tips to follow are to water more regularly once you see the flowers appear. During the summer, water more and more just like the other bulbs.

Caring for Arum Lily

A rich, moist, well-drained soil is best to keep calla lilies blooming. Calla lilies often do well growing alongside ponds and can happily tolerate a moist soil location.
Caring Arum Lily

After your site meets all the requirements, it is to focus on the care and maintenance. It will be very simple.

The first one is fertilizing. This plant is pretty demanding. You have to give this beautiful bulb the regular fertilization it needs.

During the growing season, fertilize the plant monthly and use a liquid version of fertilizer for the bulb. Make sure to read the instructions of the product before applying.


The base of the Arum Lily plant needs organic matter in order to protect it from cold weather. You can use a bed of hemp, dried leaves, ferns, or flax straw.


Pruning is very important in order to keep the plant beautiful and healthy. It will manage the great look of the flowers.

You can learn how to prune it here. First, cut them short before you witness the spell of the first frost.

Do not cut the leaves when it is not completely yellow. This time the flower is building up the nutrient reserves for the next cycle of bloom.

Use special bulb plant fertilizer to give the Arum Lily the spectacular blooming.


To grow Arum Lily in a container is very possible. Repotting is a must. You should repot the plant once it outgrows the size of the pot and when it seems root-bound.

The next pot should be larger about a few centimeters than before.


Prepare for caring overwinter even though this plant is easy in mild winter climates. However, it is still crucial to saving the bulbs first during winter.

Just take and dry them in sun for a while and take away the excess soil.

Move them indoors or in a greenhouse. It will keep the temperature around 10 Celsius. Water them less than before.

Dealing with Pests and Diseases

Spotted wilt and dasheen mosaic are two viruses that can attack calla lilies. Spotted wilt causes yellow or white spots or streaks to appear on flower stalks, petioles and leaves, and is spread through thrips, a type of insect pest.
Arum Lily Pest and Diseases

Similar to other plants, Arum Lily can be dealing with fungal diseases such as collar rot and root rot. Pests like aphids, mealybugs, and mites will bother this bulb continuously.

However, the main pests that will definitely attack this plant are Thrips and aphids. You have to control the spread and prevent them from destroying your plants.

Use a preventative spray program when the flower emerges. Repeat the steps for about 7 to 10 days while producing the flowers.

Tips for Growing

Water sparingly at the beginning and then more regularly once flowers have appeared, until the end of the blooming season.
Growing Arum Lily Tips

– Arum Lilies belong in the same family as Calla Lilies and Lily of the Nile. It is in the family of Araceae.
– You should allow the fruits of the flower that contains the seeds to become brown and dry before you pick them.
– Fill a small pot with warm water and put the seeds into it to germinate.
– Allow them to soak overnight before you plant.
– According to scientific facts, this bulb may produce the different colors of flowers as the parent plant.
– You should do regular fertilize the plant with a water-soluble fertilizer.
– The flower can attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

The Arum Lily Meaning

Lily flower meanings include beauty, purity, fertility, transformation, rebirth, and devotion.
Arum Lily Flower Meaning

The Arum Lily bulb symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. Generally, lily flower means femininity, grief, purity, and love.

This flower bouquet is perfect for friendship, weddings, and also funerals. One thing to worry about is the toxicity.

It is not edible and keeps it away from children.

Is Arum Lily considered an unlucky flower? Originally, this bulb was used by ancient Roman who place the lily in the hands of the dead body to signify rebirth.

However, it later became the Christian symbol of death. That is why it is considered unlucky to bring the flowers into the house.

What about Calla Lilies? Well, this genuine unique flower has several colors. Each of them represents different things.

The white color is about purity, holiness, innocence, and faithfulness. The purple resembles charm, passion, and royalty.

The yellow lilies symbolize gratitude and thankfulness, whereas the pink color signifies appreciation and admiration for other people.

The red one will give you beauty and courage. Lastly, the black-colored calla lily will provide elegance and mystery.


There is no reason to step back from growing Arum Lily in your garden. Consider all of that information to start your gardening project at home. Let us get to it.

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