Spider Plant: The Origin, Varieties, Growing Tips, & Care

Planting spiderettes in potting soil is the easiest and quickest way to propagate spider plant babies.

Spider plant becomes one of the most favorite houseplants for your space. The creepy-crawly name resembles the appearance of the plant, not entirely. Furthermore, the scientific name is Chlorophytum Comosum. These plants are hardy ones. Therefore, they can handle certain conditions which are less than perfect. You can create a situation like the native tropical … Read more

Growing Snake Plant “The Mother in Law’s Tongue”

The snake plant or Sansevieria trifasciata is succulent with tall leaves. Unlike many succulents, this tropical plant is not short and squat. It comes in different colors. Several varieties have thick leaves with buttery yellow edges. Meanwhile, some others are having dark green stripes. This variety is a favorite plant for interior design. Any style … Read more

Rhododendron Varieties: Planting and Disease Control

Evergreen rhododendrons are among the most popular flowering shrubs. They add bursts of color as specimen plants in any garden. Rhododendron blooms, which are larger than azalea blooms, usually open in May, and our plants bloom the first year.

Rhododendron has been adored by many gardeners for generations because of its spectacular flowers. Even though it is a short-lived one, along with its close relative, Azalea, become the favorite plants that have a four-season interest. However, this variety will not be appealing except when it is in bloom. Well, if you love this plant, … Read more

Potential Health Benefits of Dandelion Plant

The best soil for dandelion seed growing is characteristically rich, fertile, well-draining, slightly alkaline and soft down to 10 inches (25 cm.) deep because dandelion roots grow deep.

Our popular belief has it that dandelions are mere wild plants and their existence in the garden is unsightly. Well, it might not be entirely true because dandelion plants have been aiding people in curing some diseases since a couple of centuries ago. Yes, health practitioners even are promoting dandelion supplements to keep ones’ body … Read more

The Most Awaited Tulip Types to View during Blooming Season

Tulip is a bulbous herb type of plant, belongs to the genus Tulipa and the family Liliaceae. This group’s lineup is as varied as 100 species, natively scattered around countries in Eurasia. In addition, two-thirds of which commonly grow in the southeastern Soviet Union and the eastern Mediterranean. Some of the species are popular among … Read more